The results of this project will be published in an edited source collection under contract with Routledge.

Additional sources not included in the book will also be available online.

About the book

This volume offers a fresh and original collection of primary material, reflecting newer approaches to fascism. At its very heart are sources about fascism as a social movement, contextualizing ideological statements within the historical moments they were produced. Contributors will draw together various fascist and right-wing movements from each country into a coherent narrative. Sources will be selected to reflect on themes that are increasingly prominent in the secondary literature such as transnational ties, aesthetics, violence, female activism, and the instrumentalization of race, gender, and religion. Sources dominate the chapters, and the narratives provide context and analysis. The types of sources used will depend on individual movements, but will include political speeches, internal movement circulars and documents, articles from both fascist and non-fascist newspapers, police reports, oral history and memoir accounts, songs and music, photographs, artworks, poetry, and anti-fascist sources.